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Hello everyone!
We wanted to thank you all for making our sponsored Christmas event for individuals with Autism a complete success! We gave out 45 individual – hand selected presents! Santa and Mrs Clause came to help distribute the gifts. Thank you again !

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We have partnered for the last few years with Someone Special Needs You  – I local non profit for individuals with Autism hcan you buy prednisone in mexico. We have a 150 gal tank in the office and purchase select premium grade Koi as babies. The Koi live in a parasite free tank with high filtration utilizing ultraviolet lights. So they grow strong and healthy. Once the fish reach 8-12 inches they are sold and the money is donated to Someone Special Needs You.

We sold out this year and here is our newest patch of keepers! If you know of any one looking for Koi please let them know about us they can be seen any business day 9-5. and prices are discounted vs retail.

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