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Workers’ Compensation

As a business owner, you pride yourself on operating a face, secure work environment where your employees can perform to the best of their ability. Upon the unexpected, we can help you create a Workers’ Compensation policy that meets the specific needs of your business.

Who Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
Workers' comp insurance is required by law in almost every state. Workers' comp laws are designed to ensure payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases, of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.

Workers’ compensation insurance can cover expenses incurred as a result of injuries employees sustain from workplace accidents, violence, and natural disasters by providing income and medical benefits coverage.

Coverage – who benefits
Workers’ compensation does protect employers from being sued by their workers for work-related injuries and diseases; however, it also protects workers from being sued by other workers. The Employee is the true beneficiary of compensation, the injured worker, workers’ compensation protects workers and their families from the full financial loss that might otherwise occur as a result of work-related injury.

General Liability

Take some of the worry out of business ownership with a general liability policy from our agency. Being properly insured is critical to protecting your business.

Your Property’s Value
Options like Replacement Cost to replace your home at today’s rebuild cost.

Protection not only for your home and your property. Protection against lawsuits and liability claims.

Discounts & Payment
Customer may qualify for a variety of savings like home and auto discount, claim free discount, protective device discount, and senior & retired discount. Payment are flexible to fit your budget.

Business Owners

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that if they have general liability insurance, their own losses are covered as well as the losses of their customers. But a general liability policy does not protect you when it comes to your OWN property. To protect your own property, consider buying a Business Owners Policy (BOP) from the Colts Neck Agency.

The term boat encompasses all motorized water vehicles including, but not limited to, fishing boats, pontoon boats, yachts, and jet skis.

Specialized Coverage’s
Boat insurance has your typical coverage plus some specialized coverage’s that you may not be familiar with such as towing & emergency coverage, pollution coverage, replacement cost fishing equipment, and replacement cost personal effects.

Along with the coverage that comes with boat insurance, we also offer 24-hour roadside assistance, emergency towing & labor, and wreckage removal coverage.

Business Financial Coverage
Coverage often forgotten but a very important part of any business.

Buy-Sell Agreements & Key Employee Insurance – If something happened to you or a key employee, it could be costly to your business and your family. Without proper planning, your business could suffer financial hardship and be sold to outside parties. To avoid these situations, financial products are available.

Employee Coverages - Help attract and retain employees by using fringe benefits such as Executive Bonus, Split Dollar Plans, and Deferred Compensation Plans as key employee incentives. You can select which employees receive the benefits and which type of benefit they receive.

Disability Income Insurance - your business could be jeopardized if you become disabled due to an injury or illness. What kind of personal resources would you need to rely on to pay the bills? Just over 1 in 4 of todays 20 year-old will become disabled before they retire. Disability Insurance can protect you from this type of loss.

Long-Term Care Insurance - What if you were no longer able to care for yourself? How would you pay for the care you might need, such as in-home care or a nursing home? Long-Term Care Insurance Policy can give you choices when your health changes. It allows you to protect your assets, standard of living, retirement, and estate. It may even allow you to stay in your own home while you’re cared for. And, most importantly, it allows you to avoid becoming a burden to your family. The Long-Term Care Insurance premiums may also be eligible as a self-employed health insurance federal income tax deduction

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