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Vince’s office and mine had the pleasure of helping run the 2018 walk for Autism – with over 100 walkers Someone Special Needs You is positioned to have raised over 25,000 ! this year they will be sending very challenged individuals to Hersey park for an overnight adventure!  Take a look at the photos and thank you to all that supported !


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We had a great day on the 21st – perfect weather and food ! The ride started from the Old Bridge Elks and was the first run of what we hopefully be a annual traditions

Big Thank you to John Czarnecki , Gary Hagopain, and Colleen Sottilare for making this happen. We were able to be the prime sponsor at the event to support New Horizons in Autism. A non profit dedicated to helping individuals with Autism.

Take a look at some of the photos – hopefully if you didn’t make it this year we’ll see you next year!

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Hello everyone!
We wanted to thank you all for making our sponsored Christmas event for individuals with Autism a complete success! We gave out 45 individual – hand selected presents! Santa and Mrs Clause came to help distribute the gifts. Thank you again !

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We have partnered for the last few years with Someone Special Needs You  – I local non profit for individuals with Autism hbuy prednisone from canada. We have a 150 gal tank in the office and purchase select premium grade Koi as babies. The Koi live in a parasite free tank with high filtration utilizing ultraviolet lights. So they grow strong and healthy. Once the fish reach 8-12 inches they are sold and the money is donated to Someone Special Needs You.

We sold out this year and here is our newest patch of keepers! If you know of any one looking for Koi please let them know about us they can be seen any business day 9-5. and prices are discounted vs retail.

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Wonderful Young Butterfly Koi

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We have a young adult son that is severally disabled, he has Autism and has challenges that would cripple a strong man. Yet I have watched him work through those challenges and succeed. I look at Angelo and although he has limited speech and challenges that prevent him from independence with supports he achieves the unexpected.

He is currently working for a few hours in my office and a few other insurance agencies in the area scanning documents and he is completing data entry at Residency Select in Eatontown.

The Video below was part of a 40 year anniversary for the founder of Angelo’s school – it shows the success our individuals can achieve.

The reason for this post is that as business owners, be open to individuals with challenges. Even with small accommodations you will be very pleases with the out come. Individuals like my son just need the opportunities and they not only succeed they excel, they enjoy work and look forward to it. To most its the highlight of the day. Self worth is necessary for all of us especially to those with such little opportunities.

Keep an open mind and if the opportunity arises to connect with a challenged individual – try it you will be very glad you did not only for that individual but for you.

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New Horizon in Autism Inc., dedicated to serving individuals with autism and their families in New Jersey are celebrating 35 years of service!

Event starts @ 12:00pm on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at Cranbury Golf Club in Princeton Junction, NJ.

Check out &!golf-outing/c2zn for more info!!

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Welcome to our agency Web site ! We are a local agency dedicated to our customers and our community. Please look around and give us a try, our retention rate is over 93% which shows you how much our customers like us.

Thank you again and I hope you will give us the opportunity to try and earn your business!

Gina Scanelli